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Zubin Mehta 43 min, behemoth - Le retour du black metal polonais 38 min, flavien Berger au Reeperbahn Festival 39 min "Tosca" de Giacomo Puccini - Depuis. Where

did you draw your inspiration from? Probably my first and only other music video for local Liverpool band Stealing Sheep (see. We were very worried about being able to pull that off as we felt that scene would really make or break the video but as it turned out the gypsy gods were on our side! Well I always like to edit my own work, whether its something Ive directed or filmed or both. Whats your five year plan? I really dont think that far ahead. Joe and him then came up with the basic idea of a femme fatale-type character (ala Audrey Horne) who, for unknown reasons, kidnaps Mikhael and drives around with him in the boot of her car. I am proud of it because it was my first proper music video and it proved to me that I was capable of making good quality music videos of my own. Then came the directing, then the camera work and then finally I started learning about grading. It was all shot on my trusty Canon 7D valuta euro kroner by myself using L-series lenses very kindly lent to me by a good friend of mine (I do have a set of my own lenses but you just cant beat the quality of L-series glass!). Well, Id met Mikhael in Liverpool about 18 months ago. Then for all the wide shots of her driving our on-set stills photographer, the very talented. Ive lived and worked here as a filmmaker for a few years now and Mikhael was here studying music at lipa (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts). Since 2005, Hype Machine is made in Brooklyn,. Tell us about your post-production process?

16, the main challenge of the shoot was the fact that our actress. I Remember You 03, this Liverpoolbased Jack of all filmic trades is making a hit with his clips. I just take each project as it comes and try and be as proactive and productive as possible. Only You 05, he also always wanted to shoot a video in his grandparents hometown of Ustina in Bulgaria Mikhaels father is Bulgarian but he was born and brought up in Norway to a Norwegian mother mainly because there is a high concentration of Bulgarian. In fact I dont think mikhael paskalev much further ahead than a few months at a time. Couldnt drive, only mental, so it just meant that we were very limited to the kind of shots we could show of Ellie driving and when you do see her at the wheel shes actually just rolling down a quiet stretch of road mikhael paskalev in first. Dp, what did you shoot it on and were you behind the camera too.

Mikhael, paskalev - What s Life Without Losers 2013.Mikhael, paskalev, jive Babe from Jack Whiteley on Vimeo.

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Mikhael paskalev

Myself and Joe Mikhaels producer run a live video session series called obscenic I do the visuals and Joe takes care of the sound and weve just launched a new Vimeo channel for. Would you like to direct commercials and short films. Anyway, plus I think my natural filming style is quite spontaneous and in the moment and in fact thats one of the reasons why this project appealed to me in the first place. Ive always loved films but it wasnt until I studied media and film at college when bronsefinale I was 16 that I realised it was something I could take seriously and do for a living. This proved tricky seeing as her character spends the first half of the video driving around the Bulgarian countryside at high speed.

In fact we even parody the scene in From Dusk Till Dawn where Salma Hayeks character pours tequila down her leg into Quentin Tarantinos mouth, only we had Elena Argiros pour gasoline down her muddy leg into Mikhael Paskalevs even muddier mouth which I like.So by the time I came on to the project most of the main elements were already there.Then Mikhael moved back to Norway once hed graduated and I kind of forgot about the music video.


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