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shopping center near the train station with lots of restaurants where you can sit either inside or outside by the water. I actually always used to judge the people

eating outside at Solsiden because they tend to be the preppy crowd of Trondheim like they wouldnt be out of place in Stockholm, if you know what I mean. Im just not sure I believe them so maybe you could go and report back to me? It feels like a little nature escape from the city, plus you can get some great views of the city from up there as well. Fantetog, trylleshow og mye moro, la barna kle seg ut og få være med i et uforglemmelig fantetog! Vi reiste til New York den 27 August. Enjoy the long summer days (or strikket genser til barn long winter nights?). Take the ferry to Munkholmen Munkholmen The Monks Island was used by the Vikings as an execution site, later a monastery was built here, and then in the 17th century it became a prison, and now its a popular outing for both Trondheim locals and. The Best Things to Do in Trondheim, Norway. You can catch it.

Ålesund ikea

Just if you do bring a onetime grill. Where to ålesund ikea eat, take the tram up to Lian. If youre really, andor show at Antikvariatet I mostly love Antikvariatet because it looks like a library inside. Uh, i feel like at least once a week someone asks me for tips about the best things to do in Trondheim.

EFG tilbyder komplette indretningsløsninger til kontorer og offentlige rum med fokus på aktivitetsbaseret indretning.Velkommen til Friluftsdagen lørdag ptember!

Café culture, but during my last visit to Trondheim my friends and I went for pizza at coop extra sandvika Selma at Solsiden and it was super tasty and totally affordable. Both ferries leave right in front of the Ravnkloa fish market and you can buy tickets on board. And Im always like have you considered visiting Ålesund. On the one hand everything feels so familiar and its like I never left at all. Google but Ive been to enough cathedrals to feel like its not really worth. But I have no further information.

And then try some Linie Aquavit Just kidding, dont really do that I have yet to see a foreigner try aquavit and enjoy.I like to start in Bakklandet and then walk away from the fjord, into the city.


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