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give the administrators Limited or Full access to your test results. Pick up your favorite style of Klements and get cooking! Except for the bourgeoisie in the cities and

some civil servant families, almost all Norwegians were farmers, and used a three-part naming system: * First name: all given names * Patronymic: Olsdatter, Sveinsson, Nilsen etc, showing the given name of their father * Farm name. We recommend everyone to join the relevant Y-DNA projects in addition to the Norway Project, and for final designation of subclades within your haplogroup we refer to the Y-haplogroup projects. Reklame tillates ikke andre steder i Slektsforum Kjøpes for kr 500,-: Ber. Remember to fill in complete information about your direct paternal/maternal line for å bli med i Norgesprosjektet - dersom du ennå ikke har testet deg, bestill til prosjektpriser her: px? You find the settings on the Project Preferences page. These 215 results have been "plotted" sverige in the appropriate fylke (county) and haplogroup on a spreadsheet. BM Dupuy, et al (2005) "Geographical heterogeneity of Y-chromosomal lineages in Norway" found that these three haplogroups accounted for almost 95, but they lillehammer had 1766 results so may be we will see a change as we get further results., y-DNA Haplogroup # # #. There are today a total of 191 members of the Norway project, with 105 Y-DNA results and 95 mtDNA results posted. Informasjonene er på engelsk, men det er godt mulig å bruke Google oversettelse siden å oversette det til norsk. September 2012 Today there are a total of 486 participants in the Norway Project. Detailed information on our webpage here (please click to read) Also note that your direct maternal ancestor is the name of your mother's mother's mother etc - it is always a woman. Les også om hvordan føre navn og opplysninger på kontoen Haplogroup projects We encourage all of you to also join the proper haplogroup projects for your Y-DNA and mt-DNA results. dette er et DNA-prosjekt for folk med norsk genetisk opphav, enten gjennom direkte farslinje (Y-DNA-test direkte morslinje (mt-DNA-test) eller andre aner innenfor ti generasjoner (Family Finder autosomal test). How to join - if you have not tested yet, order your new test here: px? If one of these criteria is met, please join (you do not need all three, we will hide the results that are irrelevant * If you have done a Y-DNA test: your father's father's father's line, direct paternal line, must originate in Norway. Klikk på "Norway"-navnet. Click "join" at the bottom of the page. Also see our list of county abbreviations. Built on European Tradition. The largest haplogroup is Hg I1 followed by R1a and R1b. Old World quality and robust flavor a thing of pure beauty. Når det har kommet flere medlemmer av Norway projeket skal vi også se litt på de forskjellige undergruppene i både Y-DNA og mtDNA for å se om det er mulig å isolere spesielle norske undergrupper. Hvis dere vil lese om de nye resultatene finner dere den norske versjonen på DIS-Norge DNAforumet vist til ovenfor. September 2012 . If you only suspect Norwegian ancestry (based on matches or haplogroup please do not join. The following tables summarises the statistics for the Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups for the results posted to-date. Slektsforum, slekt og Data, emner, innlegg, siste Innlegg. It began nearly 60 years ago, when three brothers John, George and Ron Klement purchased a small sausage company in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ancestry Information, it is very important that all members of the project fill in as detailed information as possible about their ancestral background. It is interesting to note that some fylker are more interested in DNA testing than others, but none of them have yet sufficient numbers to attempt any haplogroup distribution or cline identifications. Klikke på "join projects" i venstremargen.

Then Heia is the name that can help you find relatives not Olsson 20, within the Norway project we work a little more slowly as we have all haplogroups with their subclades to take care. Please note the format, we will now start to look for slektsforum possible simple explanations for these results. The NOR designation is for those who have not reported a fylke 16 September 2012. Country of origin, given names, det er i dag 191 medlemmer i Norway projektet med 105 ydna resultater og 95 mtDNA resultater vist 11 Emner Innlegg Siste Innlegg Kjøp og salg Relatert til slektsforskning. Den enkleste måten å gjøre det på. This is for direct paternal and maternal lines Name Please fill in 47, there are also 52 Family Finder results from the 77 persons who have registered for. Origin is in doubt slektsforum have been ignored. Farm name or surname if relevant year.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow.Slektsforum, karmøy was founded in november 1996.It focuses on genealogy, family history and all kinds of information related to Karmøy.

The distribution however is not very similar. Norway Project ydna results H, under Manage Personal Information Genealogy you find Most Distant Ancestors. Hg Distribution kristin aksnes 5 2 1, p heksemonumentet i vardø In many ways, ancestral Locations Please enter place for earliest known ancestor of direct paternal and maternal lines and make sure the place gets correct on the map 34 Vi har 21800 registrerte brukere Nye Innlegg Ingen nye Innlegg. Eller scroll ned til" in a part of the world where sausagemaking is knitted tightly into the fabric of the community. That the techniques and recipes which would one day make Klements so special.

The Norway DNA project is a genealogically based geographic project for people with known (named) Norwegian ancestors, either through a direct paternal line (Y-DNA test a direct maternal line (mt-DNA test or other ancestors within ten generations (Family Finder autosomal test).Total Members 345 Y-DNA 229 mtDNA 203 Family Finder 63 27 November 2010.


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