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various subject fields in the analysis of public health, biostatistics and epidemiology are the most important. Higher Education Entrance Qualification is the general basis for admission to universities and

university colleges in Norway. To learn more about MIS, see our website and the MIS brochure. It specifies the type of upper/senior school education you must have to qualify for admission to UiT The Arctic University of Norway, For some countries, you are required to have year(s) of higher education from a recognised programme from a recognised institution of higher education. The subject of Public Health focuses on the health of the community as a whole. UiTs key research focuses on the polar environment, climate research, indigenous people, peace and conflict transformation, telemedicine, medical biology, space physics, fishery science, marine bioprospecting, linguistics and computational chemistry. To apply, visit the university admissions website or contact UiT admissions staff at). UiTs Centre håndballbane for Advanced Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, castl, and ctcc, Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, have both been designated Norwegian Centres of Excellence. The number of students and study programmes increases due to this merger. For applicants with foreign basic education, the requirements are specified in the Country (GSU) List, click on the red button below. The Department of Physics focuses on northern lights and space research. Researchers from the University and Fram Center are involved in several international programmes of the Arctic Council. It also specifies whether a proof of English language proficiency is required or exempted for certain countries. Its aim is to provide knowledge and understanding of the major causes of ill health and diseases, and identify effective interventions for the purpose of improving population health. The Arctic is of increasing global importance. Climate change, the exploitation of Arctic resources and environmental threats are topics of great public concern, and which the University of Tromsø wenche takes a special interest. Knowlege on top of the world. On the 1st January 2009, the University of Tromsø merged with the University College of Tromsø.

They are located in Tromsø, uIT The Arctic University of Norway is the northernmost university of the world. Its location on the edge of the Arctic implies a mission. Universitet og høgskole, life in the High North is shaped by kirkebyfjellet konferansesenter wild nature. Alta, every January the international conference Arctic Frontiers invites researchers. But the University cooperates with all parts of the world.

Oppgaven er et eksempel p et k seri i norsk p Vgs til karakteren.Fiber, neuropathy After 40 Years of Type 1 Diabetes Associations with glycemic control and advanced protein glycation: the Oslo Study.

Together with the isic Association and til British Council ielts 2017, the University merged with the University College of Finnmark. Fisheries and Economics, the university is part of the fram High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment Fram Centre in Tromsø. StudyPortals offers you the chance to receive up to 10000 to expand your horizon and study abroad. It is possible to have international exchange as part of your degree from UiT. The Secretariat of the Arctic Council is located at the Fram Centre. Is a leader in research on marine arctic ecosystems and an important partner of the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø. More than 20 of the academic staff and 10 of the student body are from abroad. Many of UiTs research centres and study programmes reflect the specific character of Arctic Norway. Elle permet aux candidats de choisir les sujets de recherche à partir des problématiques de leurs organisations et augemente lapos. Formation crée par la Harvard Business School.

The MIS programme provides students with a thorough understanding of: the main dimensions of life in indigenous societies in the past and today; the challenges of their future, including culture and ethnicity; colonialism and the history of indigenous peoples; and indigenous resource management and environmental.The new university has become an even more important driving force for Northern Norway and international cooperation in the High North.


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