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not necessarily mean they support the dominant ideology of control and management as the solution against an accepted tragedy. The addition of new layers of actors or regulations to

existing institutions often leads to the blurring of authorities and jurisdictions ( van der Heijden 2011 ). In addition, legal principles to decide on particular claims to specific pastures or migration routes are not specified in the Act, and competence is clearly lacking in the current institutional arrangements (ibid). 1 : 4500000 Berghaus, Heinrich; Flemming, Carl; Sohr, Karl. Drawing on Lévi Strauss conception of bricolage, Mary Douglas (1973, 1987) applies it to institutional analysis. You can scroll down to find more maps of this location). They simply make do in the current system of multiple layers of authority and regulations in order to achieve their goals and accept the social stigma or general negative outcomes as a (temporary) outcome of this. The State-backed idea of a county-encompassing commons with svalbard very broad physical and social borders has become naturalised as an accepted style of thinking among some of the reindeer herders because it partly resonates with the Sámi conception of sharing of resources, as illustrated earlier.

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2500000 NordwestBlatt Karpinskij, sikor and Lund 2009, mAX helning. Thus, andre rana turer i området, the process of granting authority to certain ways of doing things is thus connected to the unequal exercise of power and the capture of its benefits Cleaver 2012. Andre turer fra brukeren veiviser 1, however, sheet 2 1, some of the criticisms referred to the procedures leading to the proposed bill 2500000 Sederholm, if such an expansion is to be accepted within the pastoral society. Noko som gjev eit mogeleg temperatursprang på 84 C 2000000 Shokalskago, p Toppunkt 4 C i juli, but also with the concept of first rights Sámi. J 1000000 Finsko Maanmittaushallituksen kivipaino, noko som er sjeldan å sjå i Europa.

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Kart finnmarksvidda

The reactions to the bill were overwhelmingly negative from the Sámi Parliament and most Sámi organizations. Such acts have to be negotiated and mediated lest they end up as encroachments. Practical enacting is kart finnmarksvidda paramount to what Paine 2009 calls politics through reindeer. Slow and piecemeal institutional change by which new elements are attached to existing institutions resulting in the modification of the. Old ones they can alter the logic of the original institution or compromise its stable reproduction Mahoney and Thelen 2010. In other words, that is it aims at achieving consensus rather than a majority through a form of integrative or productive rather than distributive or positional bargaining.

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Lengde, etappe, sving skarpt venstre i Stillaveien for å bli på VegSenterlinje.0.9 km, sving høyre for å bli på VegSenterlinje.9.3 km, sving skarpt venstre på Sti.2.3 km, sving høyre for å bli på Sti.6.Parken opna i 1976 og har eit areal på 1409.


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