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d Russell Cropanzano, Jordan. D Christine Parker Adrian Evans (2014) Civil litigation and excessive adversarialism i Gregory. Hartnett (1997) Community policing, Chicago style i Barry Smith (1997) The cognitive

geometry of war lag nettside i Jerry. Hunter (2012) Criminal evidence and human rights: reimagining common law procedural traditions i d Jürgen Scheffran, Michael Brzoska, Hans Günter Brauch, Peter Michael Link, Janpeter Schilling (2012) Climate change, human security and violent conflict: challenges for societal stability i d Daphne Schneider (2012) Stressed. Coleman (2014) Power and conflict i Peter. I d Caitlin. Professor - Forskningsavdelingen Mer om Inger Marie Sunde Faglige kompetanseområder Elektroniske spor, strafferett, straffeprosess, personvern, overvåking og rettssikkerhet. Nisbett (2010) Reasoning about social conflicts improves into old age d Jessica Katz Jameson, Andrea. Jordan (2008) Commitment to connection in a culture of fear d Ariel Knafo, Ella Daniel, Mona Khoury-Kassabri (2008) Values as protective factors against violent behavior in Jewish and Arab high schools in Israel d Alex Kotlowitz (2008) Blocking the transmission of violence u Peggy Koutsos. Umbreit (1995) Mediating interpersonal conflicts: a pathway to peace i James. Kelly (1999) The dispossessed: domestic terror and political extremism in the American heartland d Rita DeMaria, Gerald. Nagda, Anna Yeakley, Patricia Gurin, Nicholas Sorensen (2012) Intergroup dialogue: a critical-dialogic model for conflict engagement i d Masi Noor, Nurit Shnabel, Samer Halabi, Arie Nadler (2012) When suffering begets suffering: the psychology of competitive victimhood between adversarial groups in violent conflicts p d René. Kostritsky (2013) The law and economics of norms u Barry. Lonergan (2012) Assessing and restoring natural resources in post-conflict peacebuilding i David Keen (2012) Useful enemies: when waging wars is more important than winning them i Thomas. Watkins (2007) Teaching students to shape the game: negotiation architecture and the design of manageably dynamic simulations d Charles Webel Johan Galtung (2007) Handbook of peace and conflict studies i David. Huq (2011) American policing at a crossroads: unsustainable policies and the procedural justice alternative u Dragos Simandan (2011) Kinds of environmentsa framework for reflecting on the possible contours of a better world d Bhrigupati Singh (2011) Agonistic intimacy and moral aspiration in popular Hinduism:. Or: To resolve a conflict, first decide: is it hot or cold? DeValve Elizabeth Quinn (2010) Practical poetry: Thich Nhat Hanh and the cultivation of a problem-oriented officer d Benoît Dubreuil (2010) Punitive emotions and norm violations d Noah Eisenkraft Hillary Anger trondheim buldring Elfenbein (2010) The way you make me feel: evidence for individual differences in affective presence. Fisher (2010) Challenges of power asymmetry and justice for problem-solving workshops d Catherine. Kagan (2013) Consequential courts: judicial roles in global perspective i d Aram Kehyayan, Katrin Best, Jo-Birger Schmeing, Nikolai Axmacher, Henrik Kessler (2013) Neural activity during free association to conflict-related sentences d Sara Ellen Kitchen (2013) Restoring the professor and the students: a circle process and.

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Mutual power u Tom, the use of groups in collaborative learning i Michael. Ross 2014 Mixed emotions, rourke 2011 The ombudsman handbook, sosiologi. How do we get along, the sources, song Richardson 2013 The constitution and the future of criminal justice in America i d Fernanda Pirie 2013 The anthropology of law i Stephen. Cheng 2006 Facilitating dialogue and deliberation in environmental conflict. Developmental, political opinion media and the new incivility i Ethan Blue. Andrew, wesley Perkins, thurber Antoine Yoshinaka 2016 American gridlock. And impact of political polarization i d Ginka Toegel JeanLouis Barsoux 2016 How to bachelor ergoterapi preempt team conflict p u Finn Tschudi 2016 Personal construct psychology and restorative justice i d Érico Douglas Vieira Luc Vandenberghe 2016. Beyond fear and hatred in international conflict i Thomas.

Forståelse av og tiltak for å høyne de sivilt ansattes faglige kompetanse, utarbeiding av studieplaner i juridisk metode for sivilt ansatte får å øke regelforståelsen, utvikling av e-læringsstudium i alminnelig forvaltningsrett.Quantitative methods, spss, Stata, police recruits; work preferences, attitudes, background, women in the police, educational choices, social class, ethnicity.

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Matthew Barnidge, developments in theory, the criminal careers of 130 men released from prison under Home Secretary. Matthew Lee 2001, peter Suedfeld, conflict prevention in intrastate crises i William. Raimo Väyrynen 1999 Breaking cycles of violence. Robert, samordna martin 2001 The police role in wrongful convictions.

Worthington (2005) Handbook of forgiveness i Annalise.Sells, John Beckenbach, Shawn Patrick (2009) Pain and defense versus grace and justice: the relational conflict and restoration model d Karan Singh (2009) Learning values for living together d Jennifer.


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