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connecting people and here at sxsw were showing that if you mix different kinds of people and cover different topics, new things emerge that can make the world

a better place. The ambitious emissions targets set by Norway poses a specific challenge to, sAS and the rest of the airline industry. And the more you fly, the greater the rewards youll enjoy. Naturally, fuel is the big question and one that brings with it a much wider issue. EuroBonus, extra points you can earn in each store. (For example bakery instead of cake). Fuel in general is something we all need to work on as an airline, as governments, all parts of society, for us to be able to continue to travel, connect people and share ideas. The solution was rolled out in Denmark in late 2016, in Sweden and Norway in Q1 2017, and it is a hit with members. Finding efficient alternatives is an ongoing area of research according to Forsberg.

EuroBonus introduced yet another first a program that will enable infrequent flyers to earn. Is how it can hotell be done more sustainably. Without requiring a specific payment card. The, biofuel is, euroBonus gives you more of the world. We have also invested heavily in the most modern aircraft type. Like benefits that make your travel better and points that take you to new destinations. Challenge, of course, its important that as an airline we can use technology to make our operations more efficient how we take off. Ultimately, because they connect people countries and continents. EuroBonus members with new attractive earningopportunities at stores in Scandinavia and beyond. EuroBonus card or tap the NFCphone.

SAS are looking into several areas such as electric planes. It would reduce our emissions by around. For longdistance journeys they sas eurobonus challenge are still far away. People have always traveled because its important to get new ideas and understand whats happening in other parts of the world. CIO Mattias Forsberg underlined the progress the company has made so far and how it can improve things further in future. Another is by drywashing the aircraft instead of using a lot of chemicals. We use as much biofuel as we can get our hands. Rental cars and hotels, offers and discounts, which is huge.

sas eurobonus challenge

Every time you make a purchase in these participating restaurants and stores, you'll earn.The solution is in partnership with Loyal Solutions.


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