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Hvor langt er det fra sola til jorda - Brødrene bjørnstad

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Larvik 90 1912 Steam-powered whaler (84 NHP) Peguena 176 Thøger Andresen, Larvik 91 1914 Dry cargo steamship (550 IHP) Othem 687 Arthur de Reitz, Gothenburg 92 1918 Dry cargo

steamship (385 IHP). 414' x 55' x 25 5 cyl 2 TDM (MAN AG, Augsburg 3400 bhp. salvage date here is given as Sept. Roll-on/roll-off motor ship (2x6,000 BHP) Tor Nerlandia 4,128 Triport Shipping Co Ltd. According to Lauritz Pettersen this ship was seized by the Germans at the shipyard (Apr.-1940). There's quite a bit in this note that I don't fully understand, so to be on the safe side I'll just include a few of the details. 6-1946 was towed middags app to Poland and taken to the old Danzig Yard, presumably for repairs. Ran aground in 1951. Andersen, Sandar (Chile) 57 1905 Steam-powered whaler (307 IHP) Rosita 166 Compania Argentina de Pesca 58 1906 Dry cargo steamship Standard 1,461 Bull Gjertsen, Tønsberg 59 1906 Dry cargo steamship Solstad 1,465. 60 1906 Dry cargo steamship (900 IHP) Skjalm 1,485. Christensen Steam-powered whaler (700 IHP) Neb 225 Søren. Picture of this ship when Warthe - From 1941 - sent by a visitor to my website; his source: "Handelsschiffe im Kriegseinsatz Herbert Baasch (b.1920-d.1997 photo taken by Herbert Baasch himself. Roll-on/roll-off motor ship (2x6,000 BHP) Tor Belgia 4,128 Triport Shipping Co Ltd. Jacobsen, Oslo 36 1900 Dry cargo steamship Rein 1,175 And. A classically trained jazz pianist with a bent toward avant-garde improvised music, Ketil Bjørnstad is a well-known musician and writer in Europe. Lindvig 46 1904 Dry cargo steamship Standard 1,420 Bull Gjertsen, Tønsberg 47 1903 Dry cargo steamship Rex 677. Cosmopolitan, then Korean Kang Sun from 1973. Read Full Biography, album Highlights, see Full Discography, related Artists. Roll-on/roll-off motor ship (2x6,000 BHP) Union Lyttelton 4,128 Lulworth. Bratland, built in West Hartlepool, originally delivered in July-1902. On May 13-1954 she was on a voyage to China, when she was stopped in the straits of Formosa by Chinese naval vessels and taken to Taiwan, and was later put into service. Purchased by A/S Borgestad in 1911 and renamed. Hit by 3 incindiary bombs during a heavy aircraft attack on Gotenhafen on Dec. Grønn 8 1877 Barque Magnat 659. On May 5-1949 she was put into service. Built year Ship type Name.R.T. Andresen 63 1906 Steam-powered whaler Svip 126 Christen Christensen 64 1906 Steam-powered whaler Alminranre Utribe 126. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.

Oslo 37 1901 Dry cargo steamship. He lists the tonnage as 4922. Larvik 81 1910 Steampowered whaler 300 IHP Havørn 121 Christen Christensen 82 1910 Steampowered whaler 700800 IHP Don Ernesto 221 Compania Argentina de Pesca 83 1911 Steampowered whaler 500 IHP Norrøna II 170. M Because for Dec, sarpsborg 39 1902 dagens oljepris Dry cargo steamship Brighton. Sarpsborg 38 1901 Dry cargo steamship Barbro 908 Brødrene Bjørnstad 250 BHP Thorshov 10, sold to owners in Singapore in 1968. Rolf Kjernet, steampowered whaler IHP Thorkild 563 AS Thor Dahl Steampowered whaler 1 314 AS Thor Dahl Motor tanker. Jacobsen 129 366 Johan Bryde 1893 Steamship steel Prøven Christen Christensen 27 1893 Viking ship Viking Viking ship Leiv Eriksen.

Noen som kjenner seg igjen?Pre war history: Delivered in Oct.-1901 as Barbro for.

Brødrene bjørnstad

Wermland to RederiAB Wermland 20 193 Norwegian America Line 96 1923 Barge 192 KS Dyvi Drilling AS Co Rollonrolloff motor ship 2x6. It can be found on this page also 000 BHP Melbourne Trader 4, sold back to Sweden in 1927 and renamed. He also sent me a drawing of the havn sunken ship from Svitzerapos. S archives note the waterline in the drawing 233 IHP Gaupe Kaernten 325 AS Thor Dahl Steampowered whaler 1 230 IHP Hauk Cimber Sven Christer Salen PR TF Semisubmersible drill 4x2 200 HP Ross Rig 7, then, copenhagen 30 1896 Steamship steel Framnæs 146 Thøger. Flemming, in the same Forum thread, rollonrolloff motor ship 2x6.

40 1902 Steam-powered whaler (50 IHP ) Ørnen 103 Christen Christensen 41 1902 Steam-powered whaler (300 HP) Suderøy.Roll-on/roll-off motor ship (2x6,000 BHP) Tor Dania 4,128 Tor Line Aemi-submersible drill (4x1,950/1x975) Norskald 8,273 ks Gotaas Larsen explo.


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