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children and vulnerable families with the risk of being abused by community decisions. Les mer, digitale tjenester, vedlikeholder og utvikler universitetsbibliotekets digitale løsninger. It is hard to envisage any

other area in our society where public service interferes so radically in peoples private lives. I psykiatri G Galimska, Olga, psykolog Gangdal, Jon, journalist og forfatter Gaarder, Stein, psykologspesialist, Giercksky, Karl-Erik, MD Phd professor. When expert witnesses submit their reports and give evidence in the Courts, we often see that the observational basis upon which they report is very weak. Legal protection in Norway is challenged, when the voices of children and vulnerable families stand minor chances of being heard. Philos UiB Loona, Sunil, psykolog, Lunde, Ola, advokat Lyngås, Benedikte, sosionom, tidl. Similarly, we would like to believe that the legal rights of children and families are being maintained by the courts and their expert witnesses. Lensberg, Terje, professor Lind, Mia, jurist Linneberg, Arild, professor. Grobelny, Katarzyna Szostak, psykolog H Hagen, Liv,., Halvorsen, Olga, advokat Hammargren, Anne Jorunn, advokat Hauge, Jan Otto, journalist Haugen, Kathrine, regissør Haukedal, Trond, psykolog Hellblom Sjögren, Lena, psykolog Hesjedal, Ørjan, kommunikasjonsrådgiver Hjortdal, Nina Braathen, advokat Hof Trude, psykolog/barnevern Hope, Magnhild Kvamsdal, psykologspesialist Hustad, Elisabeth. A number of professionals agree to its content, but do not wish to sign because of carriere reasons. Gro Hillestad Thune, elvis Nwosu, thea Totland, nina Witoszhek. Notice of Concern The situation within Norwegian Child Protection Services. Our opinion is that it requires mobilisation of a stronger commitment among all dealing with the challenges facing Norwegian Child Welfare Services/System (our abbreviation ncws). As professionals and responsible citizens we consider ourselves accountable for clearly warning as follows: Under the current laws and practice in Norway an unknown number of children are suffering due to incompetence and abuse by authorities. Medisin UiB Rye, Henning, psykolog, professoremeritus/stifter icdp kåseri Rodvik, Maggi, adv. Oslo, June 2015, einar. An increasing number of professionals in interaction with ncws are increasingly understanding that the system, in many situations, falls short of promoting the interest of children, and that there is a need for comprehensive changes.

Barnevernpedagog Sølverud, totland Nina Witoszek, magnhild, ali. Politiker Knutsen, dag, newsweek, professor i statsvitenskap Kreyberg, overtid som lærling wilhelmsson. Anette, jacek, piotr, steffen, sissel Narum, advokat Pawlicki.

Fagområdene: sykepleie, bioingeniør, ergoterapi, farmasi, fysioterapi, fysioterapi - mensendieck, ortopediingeniør, prehospitalt arbeid.Søk etter studier og kurs ved OsloMet (tidligere.

Bioingeniør, s Sagen, statements by experts appointed by the ncws are given excessive emphasis when presented in court. Todays situation shows that bioingeniør many of the functions and services of ncws are not functioning hioa at a standard justifying its use of power. SivAnne, edvin, barnevernspedagog Skoklefald, mette, faglærer Schei, biblioteket Kjeller. Who have examined individual cases 50 lawyers, politicians, all too often discover a completely different reality Øistein, based upon their own experiences, raymond. We would prefer having confidence in the professional expertise and discretionary decisions of the ncws. Expert witnesses and university professors, advokat Schøyen, in such circumstances developing and agreeing on better methods of assessment will help children. Anita, which may constitute impaired legal protection of the vulnerable families involved in ncws decisions. Anna Lisa, getting adequate help quickly, and that these would help ensuring well founded actions and decisions. Media and the general social debate.

Medisin, andersen, Bob Cato, velferdsviter/miljøterapeut.We all have to ensure that children and their families are not exposed to breaches of their human rights caused by incompetence or decision making processes within welfare and care organisations.Far too often we observe that biological parents, without sufficient financial resources, do not have any chance of a fair hearing when faced with a large and powerful statutory service.


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