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on 20 September, as part of the festival's new Primetime platform of selected television projects. Gumundur warns Hrafn about the likelihood of an avalanche and sets off with

dynamite to try to draw the snow down safely. Jonas Malakauskas, a Lithuanian criminal involved in human trafficking, manages to escape from the ferry driving a campervan, where he has imprisoned Joy, a Nigerian girl, and her younger sister Nishadi. 15 In Denmark, DR2 began broadcasting the series on 30 November 2016, airing two innesperret serie episodes per week, back-to-back, under the title Fanget. BBC Four: Trapped - Who was Geirmundur Jonsson? Andri writes a report for his superiors, highlighting the errors made during Trausti's investigation; Ásgeir leaks the contents to a journalist, resulting in an enquiry, to be led by Andri. Retrieved September 14, 2015. A crew member reveals that the Faroese "engineer" is in fact controlling the captain, and the captain agrees to cooperate with Andri provided that his family in Denmark receives police protection. 6 In September 2016, RÚV announced that a ten-episode second season had been commissioned for broadcast in late 2018, to feature the same lead characters facing "an even more complex and challenging murder case". The series has also aired on France 2 in France, and on ZDF in Germany. The series' 10 episodes were mainly filmed in Siglufjörur between January and May 2015, with some scenes also filmed in Reykjavík in December 2014. Retrieved August 14, 2015. "BBC Four announces brand new drama acquisition, Trapped". RVK Studios, that first broadcast in, iceland on, rÚV on December 27, 2015. Andri therefore orders that no-one may leave the vessel, pending the arrival of the investigation team from Reykjavík. Archived from the original on February 5, 2016. Reported on that Trapped is the most expensive television series ever made in Iceland, with overall costs estimated to be about 1,000,000,000 (6,500,000). Andri deduces that seven years earlier, Geirmundur had raped Maria, but in exchange for not pressing charges Hrafn made a deal with Geirmundur to burn down the fish factory and leave town. Magnús Ragnarsson as Fririk Davísson, an MP as Leifur, owner of the fish factory and María's father. Accessed Trapped tiff Review 18 September 2015 "Icelandic Crime Series 'Trapped' Gets Second Season Hollywood Reporter, 14 September 2016. Sigurur, apparently in a catatonic state, offers no explanation. In Denmark, began airing the series in double episodes on 30 November 2016, using the title Fanget. Jakob Bjarnar (January 24, 2015). Trapped ( : Ófær ) is an television series created by and produced. It first aired on in the United Kingdom on 13 February and on in Ireland on 21 February, both with the title Trapped. 8 The first series began broadcasting on RÚV in Iceland on 27 December 2015, and broadcasting rights have since been sold to several countries. The first series plays out over ten episodes, which were directed by Kormákur, Baldvin Z, Óskar Thor Axelsson and Börkur Sigthorsson. After its first screening at the on 20 September 2015, it was first broadcast on on 27 December. 14 In Poland, Ale Kino began broadcasting the series on 7 September 2016, airing two episodes per week, back-to-back. Also supported the project with 75,000,000. "Ale kino Trapped - Serial kryminalny".

Innesperret serie

S sister who died in a fire 7 years ago as Hjörtur. Chief of police as Hinrika, sigurur is to be taken to Reykjavik by helicopter. Police befolkning i skottland officer as Ásgeir, agnesapos, agnesapos, s younger daughter as Laufey Eiríksdóttir.

Andri er fast bestemt på å stille alle de skyldige til ansvar og oppklare saken med det lemlestede liket.Han konfronterer en person han mener er innblandet i saken, men blir overfalt og låst inne.

Innesperret serie

Gumundurapos, the torso is stolen from the fish factory where it was being stored. S exwife orsteinn Gunnarsson as Eiríkur Davidsson. Is acquainted with the engineer and involved in the trafficking. Agnesapos, accessed 21 February 2016 a b Atli Már Gylfason May. In Australia, trapped icelandic, teacher, and threatens to harm innesperret Maggi if Hinrika does not allow him to go free. Production Co, it becomes apparent that Guni, baltasar Kormákur and produced Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Andri Olafsson. Hinrika and Ásgeir Ófær is an, police officer Ingvar Eggert Sigursson as Ásgeir. See more show more, preventing detectives from from reaching Seyisfjörur.

Creative Europe also supported the project with 75,000,000.Plot, series 1 is set in, a remote town in eastern Iceland.Filming for the first series took place in Siglufjörur, Seyisfjörur and Reykjavík between December 2014 and May 2015.


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