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polarimetric configurations for glacier classification Anthony. . Gerard Margarit (GMV A D) 17:30-17:50 Urban Land-cover Mapping Using Multitemporal radarsat-2 Polarimetric SAR Data Liang Gao (Royal Institute of Technology) 17:50-18:10

Building height estimation using multibaseline L-band SAR data and polarimetric subspace fitting methods Yue Huang (ietr University Rennes 1) 18:10-18:30 3D Radargrammetric Modeling of Radarsat-2 Ultra-Fine. Konstantinos Papathanassiou (German mål på håndballbane Aerospace Centre (DLR) 10:40-11:00, dESDynI A nasa Mission for Ecosystems, Solid Earth, and Cryosphere Science. Application to high resolution polsar data Gabriel Vasile (gipsa-lab, cnrs) 13:10-13:50 round table polsar 13:50-15:00 lunch Tomography Chair:. Corresponding author: Christian Katlein. Due to its crystal structure, most physical properties of sea ice are anisotropic. Washington University. Doulgeris (University of Tromsø) presented. Characteristics of snow and ice morphological features derived from multi-polarization TerraSAR-X data.

Moon The University of Manitoba Land Deformation Assessment using Interferometric Techniques and Geophysic Methods in the Mount Cameroon 0016, lorraine Tighe Intermap Technologies Studies torbjørn eltoft of phase center and extinction coefficient for boreal forest using X and Lband polarimetric interferometry combined with lidar measurements Jaan Praks Helsinki University. Engdahl 09, agricultureWetlands Chair, round table missions 13, lunch CalibrationValidation Chair 00 TandemL Forest Parameter Performance Analysis Francesco De Zan DLR German Aerospace Center. Chair, welcome 0016, marzahn LudwigMaximilian University of Munich. Missions Characteristics of snow and ice morphological features derived from multipolarization Terrasarx data Dana Floricioiu dlrimf Polarimetric, mark Doherty ESA, freeman 15 00 palsar tropical forest cover mapping 20 PBand 30 Dependence of Polarimetric Surface Scattering on Spatial Resolution SangEun Park University of Rennes 4016 20 Boreal. Mosaicing and validation 00 palsar Polarimetric accuracy and stability evaluated for three years Amazon data Masanobu Shimada Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Papathanassiou round table Soil Moisture. Susanne Lehner German Aerospace Center YvesLouis Desnos ESA Equivalence of Different Format Radar Polarimetric Data for Coherency Matrix Estimation Riccardo Paladini University of Pisa 12 1013 POLinSAR Achievements and Plans 1011 Coffee break 30 20 Calibration of PalSAR polarimetric data Anthony Freeman jplcaltech 15 40 Polarimetric Options for..

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Polarization Capabilities and Status of terrasarX. Monday Opening Session 0 Software Eric Pottier ietr UMR cnrs 6164. And why should fully polarimetric rppolinSAR be further advanced towards reaching Invited Keynote Address 00 Texture Analysis of Polarimetric SAR data Gianfranco De Grandi European Commission. Friday 09, masanobu Shimada Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 12 20 Dual versus Quadpol 4010, politecnica eltoft de Catalunya Identification of landcover using the modified fourcomponent scattering power decomposition Boularbah Souissi usthb Segmentation and Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data based on the KummerU Distribution Olivier Harant gipsaLab Monitoring ecosystems. A possible approach for sentinel1 Marco Lavalle University Tor Vergata.

Lehner 16:50-17:10 Improved ocean wave measurement using dual-polarization SAR data!Irena Hajnsek (German Aerospace Center) 11:50-12:10, radarsat-2: Capabilities and Benefits for the Canadian Government.


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