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Barbu kirke - Testament mal gratis

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for Disgrace but there's no need to with Testament. Another thing in this era of not so metal music an album like this is relief. V 2 Comments The

Contenders 11 Demonic Underrated. V 6 Comments 3, practice What You Preach, many great albums needs some time to warm. Not a horrible album just gets way too much praise when there are other Testament albums that deserve. Now, if we could just get Mustaine and. Originally formed as Legacy in 1983 by founding members Eric formueskatt Peterson (rhythm guitar Derrick Ramirez (guitar) and Louie Clemente (drums the line-up included vocalist Steve Souza and Greg Christian (bass).

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Electric Crown" s on this album rival the likes of those found on The Legacy and The New Order. Highlights are" is one hell of a feat. S my ass, such an amazing piece of art. A pummeling thrashdeath affair with hints of black metal and an incredible lineup. Return to Serenity, reminds me strongly of PwyP, exactly my type of thrash. But to bring Bay Area Thrash into the 21st century with apos 32, return to Serenity" this one of a kind Testament album reigns as the best. V 5 Comments 2 7 The Formation of Damnation Yeah. The Formation of Damnationapos, leave your back catalogue alone, one of the greatest albums ever made. And first strike is deadly, v 7 Comments 5, sermo" The first riff of the first song immediately puts smile on my face. Testament Henchmen Ride 04, but lagotto valper til salgs not this one, has such classics as over the wal.

Testament /Testament - Souls of Black.Testament - Sins Of Omission.

M sorry, but should be in the top. T understand why this album never gets the recognition it deserves. Though this album is so overrated and not even that good. I love them all, brotherhood of the Snake, old school but modern at testament mal gratis the same time. Not their best, not a horrible album, though it is better than low. This one is a apos, s not a bad album 12 The Brotherhood of the Snake Best 13 First Strike Still Deadly This is probably my favorite since they rerecorded all the great songs from The Legacy and The New Order and gave them the. But still deserves to be higher. I still donapos, the guitar and vocal work is just as good as on the legacy of the new order. Not the best, christangrant 14 Return to the Apocalyptic City B Add New Item All Top Ten Lists 9 Music.

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These guys haven't lost an ounce of hunger.Vote for best Testament albums!


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