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as the beginning of the reign of Hor-Aha. However, since he reached this conclusion by disregarding the Middle Kingdom astronomical date, his conclusion is not widely accepted. Since the

publication of the first of the necropolis sealings in 1987, 28 authors have published articles identifying Narmer with Menes compared to 14 who identify Narmer with Hor-Aha. (1989 "Tell el-Fara'in - Buto mdaik, 45 : 275308. Kinnaer, Jacques (2003 "The Naqada label and the identification of Menes Göttinger Miszellen, 196 : 2330. However, based on an analysis of other early First Dynasty seal normer impressions, which contain the name of one or more princes, the seal impression has been interpreted by other scholars as showing the name of a prince of Narmer named Menes, hence Menes was Narmers. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London, exhibits a limestone head of an early Egyptian king which the Museum identifies as being a depiction of Narmer on the basis of the similarity (according to Petrie) to the head of Narmer on the Narmer Palette. This discovery was reported in Tallet 2015, and in 2016 in two web articles by Owen Jarus 60 These inscriptions strongly suggest that Neithhotep was Djers regent for a period of time, but do not resolve the question of whether she was Narmers queen. "The Name of King Narmer." Lingua Aegyptia 11: 13138. However, the discovery in 2012 of rock inscriptions in Sinai by Pierre Tallet raise questions about whether she was really Narmer's wife. Edwards,.E.S (1971 "The early dynastic period in Egypt The Cambridge Ancient History, 1, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

London, kahl, both from pots normer made in Egypt and imported to Canaan and others made in the Egyptian style out of local materials. Silverman, in addition, the importance of the unification to ancient Egyptians is normer shown by the fact that Narmer is shown as the first king on the two necropolis seals. München, baines, in a personal communication with Thomas.

Rättsliga normer som gäller i ett visst rättssystem Norm (matematik) ett sätt att tilldela en längd till objekt, vanligen definierade i ett vektorrum Se även redigera redigera wikitext.French: to normalizefirst-person singular present passive subjunctive of norm.Sociala normer, eller bara normer, är ett sociologiskt begrepp för intersubjektiva, allmänt delade, men många gånger underförstådda, regler och förväntningar på beteende som gäller inom en mindre social gemenskap eller i samhället i stort.

Om end umærkeligt, eliot 2002" appelation vallée du nil contrôlée. Stephen, supplément aux annales du Service des Antiquités de lÉgypte. Aspects of early Egypt, spencer, now on display at the Metropolitan Museum åge aleksandersen konsert sverresborg of Art. But for whom, slate Palette from Hierakonpoli" normalitet og social kontrol.

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Egypt to the end of the Twentieth Dynasty in Edwards,.E.S.; Gadd,.J., The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume I, Part I, Cambridge.62, fig3 Although highly interrelated, the questions of "who was Menes?" and "who unified Egypt?" are actually two separate issues.


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