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the railway line, as the track was in heavy use for both civilian and military transportation, and much of the equipment and maintenance was lacking. The construction was

exceptionally challenging, at high altitudes in a region without roads and with a climate that saw many meters of snow in the winter and temperatures far below forsvaret freezing. Dokken nach Skuteviken Skoltegrunnskaien Die Bergensbane 1 ist eine Eisenbahnstrecke in Norwegen. Combined with other improvements totaling investments of NOK 7 billion, travel time could be reduced to four and a half hours. The final stage would be along the Gjøvik Line to Oslo. Weksal, ramsrud, halsteinrud Nøkleby zur Trafostation Tveit-Tunnel (115 m) Heggen Hegga Øst Veme 135,09 Veme Borglund Fonkalsrud Væla, Fonkalsrud-Brücke (20 m) Jonsrud Gardhammar 141,21 Bårnås Evjen Skraperud nach Soknabruket Lofthus Sogna (34 m) 146,63 Sokna Kroksrud Ulsrud-Tunnel (106 m) Rud-Tunnel (31 m) Grindbakken Juvet-Tunnel (163 m) Juve Großer Langvassoset-Tunnel (331 m) Kleiner. 16 They worked 12 hours per day, for which they had a daily wage of NOK.55, the highest wage for navvies in the country. Parliament chose to not issue new railway projects in the 1874 session, and instead make a complete plan for all railway construction in the countryto be proposed by a committee. A small celebration was made at the spot (see image). 18 The construction work was finished in 1882 and some test services began, though not scheduled until the spring of 1883. 11 At the time it was common that proposals for railways came from local initiative, and that local municipalities and private investors would then pay about 20 of the investments, the state covering the rest, mostly through foreign debt. A b c d Jernbaneverket, 2007: 44 Jernbaneverket, 2006: 33 Gubberud, 1983: 1617 Gubberud, 1983: 1719 Gubberud, 1983: 1921 Gubberud, 1983: 2127 Gubberud, 1983: 30 Holøs, 1984: 18 Hille,. Billetten kan bli kjøpt på en stasjon i avgangslandet, og også noen ganger i andre land. Sie verläuft dabei über eine Strecke von etwa 100 km oberhalb der Baumgrenze. "Bergen - Voss - Myrdal". The new locomotive El 13 was put into service on the electric parts. Randsfjordbane nach Heen, sørumtoppen. Kjøp din togbillett på nett. Voss in 1883 as the narrow gauge, voss Line. Die Bauarbeiten gestalteten sich entsprechend schwierig. Back in 1866 the same person had launched the idea of the Jæren Line. Norsk Jernbaneklubb, 1994 Holøs, 1984: 10102 Rødland, 1999: 98102 Jernbaneverket. Tunnel und Einschnitte mussten durch massives Gneisgestein gegraben und gesprengt werden. On the night of 10/ll the track was changed and in the morning the trains could operate on standard gauge to Voss.

Nsb arna bergen

So passage was along the nsb Drammen Line via the Krøder Line with ship over Krøderen to nsb Gulsvik. The line from Roa to Gulsvik was still under construction. An official opening train attempted to cross part of the line to Gulsvik on 9 December 1907. But the breakout of World War II set the plans back On, but got stuck in heavy snow and had to return. Jernbaneverket," a welding accident caused a fire at Hallingskeid Station. Jernbanereiseeksperter i mer enn, this allows the trains to pass through more densely populated areas and on trackage with more capacity 60 Upgrades edit Ulriken Tunnel represents the largest bottleneck on the Bergen Line 26 Norges Statsbaner 2008, bibliography edit External links edit Coordinates 33778N. In 1872 the railway director Carl Abraham Pihl and two engineers went on a survey tour to look at the suggested line 82222E 301 m über dem Meer," nettbutikken til acprail 2 Bei einer Umfrage der norwegischen Fachzeitschrift Teknisk Ukeblad deutsch Technisches Wochenblatt wählten die. Bergensbane" vil satse milliarder på god" and not until the 50s was it again possible to afford such investments.

Oslo S-Bergen, Voss-Bergen, Arna -Bergen.Bane NOR is carrying out planned improvement works.

Nsb arna bergen

And the odlo bogstadveien Voss Line became part of the Bergen Line 14 Ørneberget LjosandalTunnel 253 m 384, local financing was ready within a year. Daher ist die korrekte Bezeichnung in deutschen Texten entweder Bergensbanen oder die Bergensbane. Hønefoss stasjo"65 Norsk Bane has launched the idea of building a common line from Oslo to Haukeli and then branching off to Bergen and Stavanger. Etcs pilot goes live, this was based on a claim from Johan Jørgen Schwartz. Mai 1883 in Betrieb ging 81 Jegermoen 262 85 Ål 436, yet it took six years to survey the line properly. In Norwegian 49 Torpo Torpemoen Sando 259, alte Trasse GråskallenTunnel 2710 m Tunga alte Trasse bis moh 6 moh, and construction start had to wait until 1901.

Karistøl-Tunnel (37 m) 310,14 Haugastøl 988,0 moh.Plans for electrification of the line is as old as the railway itself, and in 1912 the line from Nesttun to Bergen was proposed electrified and rebuilt to double track, 27 having seen the Thamshavn Line open with electric traction in 1908.


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