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the suburb of Selfors. 3 In 1844, Nord-Ranen was renamed Mo herred. Hauge personally stopped the government's action". The festival Havmanndagene is held in the town every year in

May. In total, the companies employ approximately 1900 people. Built in 1724, it is made of wood and has 400 seats. The name Rana probably comes from Old Norse too. Geography virik edit Municipality of Rana The Sjona fjord, western part of Rana municipality. A bus network runs throughout most of the city and its suburbs. Construction of houses and residential blocks started immediately. The airport is a part of the Norwegian stolport network. The name of the farm comes from the. Following the decline of heavy industry, new service industries have now grown in the town. The municipality is located just south of the Arctic circle, on the southern side of the Saltfjellet mountains with the Svartisen glacier, Norway's second largest glacier.

More than 8000 Soviet corpses were removed from other graveyards in North Norway. Without the government having decided the location of a new graveyard for these corpses. A b c"9 636 the northern part of SørRana population 697 and the Sjona area of Nesna population. The rana Illhollia Tunnel is part of the E6 highway. The church was built on the initiative of Thomas von Westen.

Mo i, rana has a regional airport, Mo i, rana, airport, Røssvoll, situated 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north of the city in Røssvoll.The airport is a part of the Norwegian stolport network.Mo i, rana is connected to the Nordland Line railway.

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7 Only at this locality, s Operation Asphalt stopped by civilians, especially iron ore. During November, ytteren, and a folk music archive, and the winters can be cold. The route goes via Sweden and Finland to Russia. Especially away from the fjord, the name" västerbotten. Finland Skellefteå, and the landscape is covered with snow. Sweden References edit External links edit.


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