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A case study in clinical reasoning and methodological fallibility. Coordinator of Nordic Working Party for Qualitative Research in General Practice (conferences in 1991, 1993, 19). Silje Mæland, University

of Bergen (2013 Sick leave for patients with severe subjective health complaints. Anne Werner, Universitetet i Oslo (2005 Kampen for (tro)verdighet. Aims: To present background, principles, and procedures for a strategy for qualitative analysis called systematic text condensation and discuss this approach compared with related strategies. Results: Systematic text condensation is a descriptive and explorative method for thematic cross-case analysis of different types of qualitative data, such as interview studies, observational studies, and analysis of written texts. Medicalization and risk beliefs in general practice illustrated by menopause. D (main supervisor or co-supervisor). A qualitative study of risk perception, cultural bruno restaurant oslo beliefs, bodily experiences, and bodily practice. Utfordringer og mestringsstrategier hos lesbiske kvinner. Research advisory activity - presentations, research advisor (alone or with others) in 55 research projects (11 students' projects, 19 GPs' projects and 25 ojects). Senior researcher: Research Unit for General Practice, Copenhagen/Denmark (15). Vulnerability as a strength How can experiences of disempowerment be turned into health resources? Lillebeth Larun, University of Bergen (2011 Kronisk utmattelsessyndrom Kunnskap, aktivitet og utfordringer. Lotte Hvas, University of Copenhagen (2008 Medication for healthy people a sick idea? Anbjørg Ohnstad, University of Oslo (2009 Lesbian identities queer movements. At present, my research deals with different aspects of marginality experienced by patients from vulnerable groups or with chronic disease encountering health care. Margrethe Aase Schaufel, University of Bergen (201 0 Å dele uvissa og ansvaret. Similarities and differences comparing systematic text condensation with other frequently applied qualitative methods regarding thematic analysis, theoretical methodological framework, analysis procedures, and taxonomy are discussed. These foundations have been further pursued in a research group with PhD-students exploring the same field from rather different angles, supported by a diversity of theoretical frames of reference. Bente Dahl, University of Bergen (2015 Queer challenges in maternity care. 49 of these are finished and have resulted in publications (17 graduated. 2011: 6 ongoing.

University of jenter Bergen 2015 Medisinsk uforklarte plager og symptomer mups og sykefravær Allmennlegens rolle. Universitetet i Bergen 2001 Aspects of diagnosis and treatment of marginal iron deficiency in populations at risk. Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care. Studying patients with chronic disease and people from marginalized group. Reviewer for the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. British Journal of General Practice, hennes forskning bygger på erfaringer og spørsmål fra mange års allmennmedisinsk erfaring og omhandler især pasientperspektiver og samhandlingsaspekter ved kronisk sykdom og marginalitet. Funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs 2008.

malterud Especially in general practice research 2010 Best publication health promotion with Mona Flatval Norwegian Medical Association 2008 Quality in primary health care Norwegian Medical Association 2001 Best. And various theoretical frameworks can be applied. The thesis drove me into further pursuit of methodological and theoretical issues 1 total impression from chaos to themes. Foto 2 identifying and sorting meaning units from themes to codes. A qualitative interview study of patients with familial hypercholesterolemia. Information and development of Norwegian general practice.


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