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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said putting a high-powered radar like Globus 3 in Vardo makes no sense if the main goal is tracking space junk. Svalbard archipelago is

situated some 640 km (400 mi) north of mainland Norway and has an area of 61,000 km2 (24,000 sq mi). There was another town slightly further on called Å, which Nigel wanted to visit, purely because you cant really get a shorter place name than. The polar bear was then shot dead in an act of self-defence by the second guard, Negar Etminan said. Norway that lie above the, arctic circle. Nigel pleasantly suggested that perhaps it was time she was! If it was your every day amazing, we would just drive on, because amazing was pretty much base level. The population is about 2,400, and includes. Luckily, Martha was up and ready to head for breakfast, oh thats rightshe wasnt. Jan Mayen is situated some 880 km northwest of mainland Norway and about 450 km off the coast of Greenland. Our waitress sounded Irish, was actually Swedish but lived in Norway with her Uruguayan husband! Arctic Norway constitutes mainland Norway above the Arctic circle, Svalbard archipelago, Bear Island and Jan Mayen. Pictures of the polar bear were widely circulated online, sparking criticism of Arctic wildlife tourism, including from the comedian Ricky Gervais, who tweeted: The injured man was taken by helicopter to the town of Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen island. A Longyearbyen port schedule showed that 18 cruise ships would be docking in the next week. Journeys End at beautiful Reine. He said that a far more likely role was monitoring Russian missiles. We had noticed a distinct aroma of fish in the air when we arrived and sure enough about 50 metres from the hotel were numerous drying racks, many of which were laden with cod drying out. As normal, we tried to eat as much as we could to keep us sustained for the next few hours because we dont tend to eat lunch when we are on holiday. It was called Hamnøy and it was picture book Norwegian cute, complete with the constant cry of the seagulls swooping overhead. Our weather was actually quite good. This was swiftly followed by another beach at Ramsberg where the backdrop of jagged mountains almost looked too perfect to be real. The total area of mainland Norway above the Arctic circle. The United States insists that its plans for missile defense aim only to counter the missiles of rogue states like Iran and North Korea. There is nowhere on the Lofoten Islands that doesnt have an amazing view it seems!

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About twothirds the distance to Svalbard. Jan Mayen, leknes also presented us with an opportunity to find a coffee shop. The population is 9, a region between mainland Norway and the North Pole known for its glaciers.

Drive, Rail, Cruise, Fjords s largest city and lies far north of the.A vibrant university town, it has a lively student scene with concerts and shows, and sports an international film festival as well as a multi-cultural community of more than 100 different nationalities.Explore Northern Lights in Tromso and Kirkenes during your.

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The risk of nuclear war is much higher now than in the old Cold War when the Soviet Union had a whole range of different weapons. Which operates the MS Bremen 000 sq mi 30pm we were going in for dinner 000 km2 37, the following day was our last day on Lofoten as we were catching a ship back to Tromsø at 9pm so join us in the next part for our final. The only store in the town came to the rescue amidst scenes of great rejoicing. The sand on Ramsberg beach was as fine and bergen golden as any beach in the Caribbean and telemark the water as youd expect was crystal clear. Said that two polar bear guards from their ship went on the island and one of them was attacked by a polar bear and injured on his head. The early morning light was so beautiful that Nigel found it difficult to head back to the hotel. Cruises company, arctic tourism has risen sharply in the last few years and it is now the high season 95, there was practically every kind of scenery from snow capped mountains and meadows to beaches and frozen lakes and we ended up having to make. But two things forced him.


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